Enable AirPrint on your PC

I’ve just managed to enable printing from my iPad to my home network.

The process involved copying air print installer on my home server and running the software to set things up. The information from the site I used is shown below.

Make sure your printer is correctly installed, shared and working. Then download the air print installer software from here

1. Run “AirPrint_Installer.exe” and then click on “Install AirPrint Service”.

2. Run the “AirPrint iOS 5 FIX – 32Bit.reg” or “AirPrint iOS 5 FIX – 64Bit.reg” to install the iOS 5 fix (Choose the correct file for you operating system, 32 Bit or 64 Bit Windows).

3. Go back to “AirPrint_Installer.exe”, make sure “Service Startup” is set to “Auto” and click “Start”.

4. Restart computer.

If there is a locked icon next to the printer on the iOS device enable the guest account in windows (Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage Another Account > Turn the Guest Account on).


I’m never a great fan of enabling guest user accounts on anything and I didn’t need to do it. When I tried to connect to the printer – which had a padlock next to it – I entered the username and password for my admin account on the server and it worked.


You can see more information and links to the fle here.

My old laser printer now has a new lease of life.

Update – I’ve been setting up in a number of schools recently and it can be a bit hit and miss with differing school network and server configurations.

If this works this is the free solution http://www.airprintactivation.com/

There’s a more install friendly version here http://jaxov.com/2010/11/install-airprint-for-windows-the-easy-way/

If that doesn’t work on your school network try out Presto http://www.collobos.com/  The school I worked with recently bought the SOHO licence for $1.95 per month.

For the mac users out there you can’t go wrong with Handy Print 

I worked with a local nursery school who were using it to print learning journals and are absolutely delighted with how it works. They did have some issues with landscape and portrait printing but we solved the problem by doing this:

please install flash




Create a collaborative research space for your class with Diigo

20130614-190358.jpg You know when you find a really useful website you want to share with your students what do you use to share the link? Would it be useful if you could, not only share the link but annotate the site to draw their attention to the important points and encourage your students to join in too. Diigo allows you to do that and more. Coming as a browser plugin and an iPad app in the form of Diigo Browser and the Diigo app itself.

With the online site you can set up a research group for your class to work together, by inviting them to join via email or uploading a class list. Once they join your group you can research, annotate and bookmark together. You can choose whether the fruits of our labours are private to the group or shared with other Diigo users. You can also check out other research on Diigo and join topic based interest groups.

I’ve been using Diigo for a while to store research for work and Pocket – one of my other favourite multi-device “read it later” tools for personal use.

If you have ever forgot a website link, or been unable to find that cool site you found yesterday when you looked today you need Diigo.

Finding cool tools to use in the classroom

If, like me you are constantly on the lookout for new resources to engage your students you will love Edshelf. It’s a site full of suggestions curated and rated by teachers for tools that you can use for learning. If you follow my blog you will already know that I train for the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (Teep) and I spend a lot of time helping teachers to make the best use of iPads for learning. I have been an enthusiastic visitor to Edshelf to grab ideas but decided to bite the bullet and make some collects of my own. For those of you who are new to edshelf – collections are sets of tools that contributors have grouped together that serve a particular learning purpose. Check out edshelf and my new Teep and iPad app collections and if you want to know more about how I use them in the classroom drop me a comment.

Advice on setting up a facebook account for your school

I’m off to a school this morning to do a presentation on the use of social media for promotion. I’m doing a bit of research on advice that is out there for setting a facebook account up for a school. It’s a bit of a minefield and if done without a bit of planning it could leave you wishing you had never started the process.

Here are the links I found so you can follow me on my journey.


Quite old (2009) but has some good advice

Nice how to on YouTube here from How to set up facebook

Lots of good advice here but also mentions the advantages of “friending students” which is a little against the advice we give out in terms of e-safety here.

Good info at Herts NGFL about how to set up a fan page which seems to be the sensible way to go and a downloadable pdf guide. Thanks for that.

Interesting article on the use of social media by schools from Merlin John here

I have also been looking at ways for the school to be able to update multiple social networking sites easily. I really like the look of hootsuite as it can post to Twitter and all of the usual suspects with one post. Posterous spaces looks a cool option too. Both seem to offer apps which I like. Tweeting your school closure for a snow day from the comfort of your home – sounds quite appealing.

Keeping the process as simple as possible has to be the key. Well lets face it you aren’t going to employ a full time online image consultant in your school. Or are you?

Given that the state of some school’s digital footprints are rather muddy – happy slapping videos anyone? Maybe that’s not a bad idea.

If you want to check out a school with a regulation shiny black digital footprint – perhaps with a touch of shiny sparkle – check out Friends School in Lisburn. Naturally they have a school website but they also own promoting schools on YouTube with a video that makes your regular school prospectus look utterly pointless and says more about the school than a printed document ever could.

Check it out

please install flash
Be prepared to smile :-)


Don’t buy expensive student response systems when you can get them free

It’s always a challenge to justify students using personal technology in school. After all they may be making epic happy slapping videos at break time and doing their own mini OFSTED evaluations of you with phones buried slightly under the edge of the desk. Why not tackle the technology paranoia head on and get their devices above desk level and gainfully employed. We’ll never get students using personal tech for meaningful purposes unless we model it right?

There are two really great services for you to really demo effective use of personal tech for learning.

The first is Polleverywhere which allows you to take responses from up to 40 students for free. The system allows both multiple choice and free text responses and has discounts for education as well as the obligatory free limited feature version. I used it at a conference recently and it was really exciting seeing your text response appear on the screen.

Another favourite one which allows for more students and a wider range of devices – any one that can access the web is


A student response system that can use any internet connected device to interact with the lesson.

Its incredibly easy to use. You set up a teacher account and login Teachers  login at t.socrative.com by entering your email and password.


Students login at m.socrative.com by entering the “virtual room number” provided by the teacher. Students will then see “Waiting for teacher to start an activity…”.

Teachers initiate an activity by selecting it on their main screen (e.g. Multiple Choice, T/F, Quick Quiz, Exit Ticket)

Students use their own devices to respond and students’ results are visible on the Teacher’s screen or sent in an email.


Struggling with getting your stuff into and out of apps on your IOS device?

Recently lots of people have been asking about the best way to get your content into apps to edit it and out again so you can use it outside of your iPad/Phone/Touch.

The other day I decided to create a matrix to help me get my head around it.

Web Dav? iCloud? a tin opener?

The file below may help you get your head around it.

Its also a cheeky list of some of my favourite apps to use in the classroom

Getting stuff in and out of IOS apps

My Current List of Useful Web Tools for Learning

A list of cool advanced web user things that I have used, use or been told about by other people.

Collaborative Tools

Working on a collaborative project and need to manage a shared to do list?

It has to be Wunderkit. http://get.wunderkit.com/ I was working with a group of people recently to plan a big event and we tried Wunderkit out. It allows you to share one or more to-do lists with a group so everyone can agree to do tasks and everyone can track what’s been done. It’s immensely satisfying when someone else picks up a task and marks it done. The web version is cool but when you install the app it gets even better. The service seems to be free but I have worrying suspicions it may be just a trial. Could really get your department organised or that group of kids doing that group project. They will love being able to use their phones and integration with Facebook. Try also Orchestra which adds voice recognition into the mix along with shared tasks and an iPhone app http://www.orchestra.com/ and Tracky http://tracky.com which is the new kid on the block. Tracky lets you operate a shared calendar for your tasks and has integration with Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Yahoo.

Want to get your students exchanging ideas?

Today’s Meet

Lets you set up a collaborative space where people can contribute to the discussion. Ideal for the pupils that you know are unlikely to speak out in discussion.



Make a collaborative space to allow you to share ideas in realtime. You don’t need to create an account to share stuff and you can add images by pasting a link. Great tool if you love throwing postits around to generate ideas. They promise support for mobile devices soon too but if you can’t wait and have iPads and iPods check out iBrainstorm. With the main app installed on an ipad connected to the screen and the helper installed on some iPod touches/iPhones you can create a note and flick it onto your collaborative space. The iPad version lets you annotate the notes and sort the stickies. It’s a bit fiddly to set up but once you get it going it’s really magical.



 http://www.twiddla.com loads of collaborative tools that will allow you run online collaborative lessons. You can set up a shared space free and without signup. Twiddla has a really nice interface that allows you to share a whiteboard, webpages, images or documents. You can also set up an etherpad for live chatting and collaboration. It has a lot of features that you pay lots of money for elsewhere that will allow you to stream a lesson live. The even better news is that as a teacher you can get a pro account for free to use with your classes.

Also worth checking out

Wallwisher http://wallwisher.com/ Been around for ages and still offerers a collaborative space to share your ideas

Onenote – Using a shared notenbook on your network -See below

Popplet http://popplet.com/ visually appealing software that allows you to create shared mind maps.

Pinterest – An online pinboard that allows you to share stuff – Its getting very popular but you have to be invited in at the moment so watch this space.


 Taking & Sharing Notes

Microsoft OneNote

I’m a real fan of OneNote as it allows me to keep everything in one place. Not many people use it as it’s one of the less obvious parts of the office suite. I take notes in OneNote on my laptop, work PC or phone (via the app), wherever I am, and because they are all linked together with my live account (see above) they are always updated and accessible from everywhere.

If you’re a fan of Getting Things Done (GTD) as your task manangement system you can organise your 43 folders in OneNote to reflect the ones in the GTD system.

It gets more exciting when you look at it from a teaching perspective. You can set up a shared note on your school network and students can use it for collaborative research. You can even join in yourself and mark it as you go.

You will love the fact that when your students copy anything from a website it automatically references the source.

Let’s face it – anything that helps reduce that feeling of deja vu  you get when you come across that quote from Wikipedia, yet again, while marking those assignments  has to be a bonus 😉

I really like the OCR feature for things that you have added from a camera or scanner.


http://www/evernote.com Install on all of your computers and your phone (if you have unlimited data) you can take written, voice or picture notes wherever you are. They will then copy automagically to every device you have evernote installed on. Never forget again! It can even search for text in pictures which is a really neat feature. Speaking of neat features they are always adding cool stuff. Could several students share an evernote account on a field trip and use their camera phones positively in the their learning. I think they could!

Online Services – Mail Space & More

Microsoft Live

http://www.live.com You probably already have a hotmail account but did you know that you can now do loads more with it including using online versions of your favourite office tools from inside your browser. The skydrive feature gives you loads of space to stroe your files and it”s great for collaborating on documents too.

As a school or LA you can sign up for a Live@Edu service free of charge and have email and all of the features or outlook and office for your students.



Everything you could ever need in one email account. Provided you don’t mind giving Google all of your data.

http://www.google.com If you aren’t a Live fan, and want an alternative, Google docs and the other apps like picasa give you online storage and collaborative tools that you can use anywhere. They do a special version for education and are very helpful in getting it set up for you. Also check out Google Labs to see what they have coming soon.


http://www.thinkfree.com Online version of office style applications with free online storage. You can sign in with a googlemail account and they now have an android app too.


Resource Ideas For Teachers & Social Networking

Sunderland Learning

I need to plug this one because its a site I made at work http://learning.sunderlandschools.org A site for teachers that aims to be a one stop shop for building a collaborative community of educators. It has facebook style groups, forums so you can start discussions on all things teaching and learning and a bank of teaching resources you can download.  You know that really useful resource you made to teach X well you can share that too.

Use it get yourself up to speed with the value of social networking in education or just to find some cool stuff. Also you will find a lot of my stuff in the resources section.


http://www.twitter.com  OK so this has a bit of bad press, its often blocked in schools and you probably think it’s all about super injunctions and cebrities telling the world that they are having their third latte of the day. If you follow the right people though it can be a goldmine of useful stuff for educators. Follow me @lloydml and see who I follow. I only use twitter to tell folk about useful stuff I find.




If you want to try out social networking with you class in a safer environment than using Facebook try Edmodo http://www.edmodo.com/ Its a great way to show your students the value of social networking. It goes well beyond

tracking your friends coffee drinking habits and discovering what they find amusing on youtube. The feature set is very much about using the tool to promote effective learning.

Online Storage


I’m a huge fan of dropbox it’s the portable storage that you always have with you – not including your geek-chic memory stick necklace that is. I never wear one personally they get snagged on door handles.

Visit Dropbox and create a free 2GB virtual storage space on the net that synchronises between your computers at home and work. Use it for working on a file that you want to take  home to finish or having a folder of essential documents always in sync over a few machines. Simply drag or save it into the dropbox on your work pc and by the time you get home it will be in the dropbox on your pc at home. Also great if you have an iPhone/Pad or smartphone as you can get a dropbox app and always have it with you.
When I’m doing Teep training I use it to share documents with the team I’m working with. It’s cool to see when other members of the team are working on stuff and it ensures we all have the latest versions of the presentations we are going to be using. The more people you share it with the more free space you get. I never seem to have enough space so ask me to share and we’ll both get an upgrade.

Other ones to check out are Box https://www.box.com/ Which has webdav access making it great for setting up a collaborative space for your your class to share documents created in Pages, Numbers & Keynote on their iPads and iPhones. Sadly the free version doesn’t come with a client to install on your PC.

Also check out Skydrive from Microsoft which does now have a client you can install in your PC or Mac to keep everything magically in sync.

I know what you are thinking now. Come on Mark all this storage! I have enough trouble working out which of my twenty five memory sticks has the file I want let alone having all these cloud services. What if you could employ a robot butler to gather all of those memory sticks together and put everything on one giant memory stick that has everything on it. Enter my latest favourite cloud service Wappwolf  (yes I know silly names abound) http://wappwolf.com/dropboxautomator/ Wappwold will allow you to set up a series of automated rules that will copy files between your cloud services automatically. I’ve been trying it for a week or two and it really does work. I now have a folder set up in all my cloud accounts called “Everywhere” anything I put in there really does go everywhere. There is one great feature which I will go into more detail about in a future post. That is the cloud printing service Google Cloud Print. It is possible to set up a “Print Me” folder in your online storage and set up a printer to automatically print everything it finds there. Details of how to do that coming soon. 

Operate Your Computer From Wherever You Are

Team Viewer

Teamviewer has saved my life a on a number of occasions. We had a few issues with stuff we’ve copied to a memory stick disappearing randomly. Out at a school I’ve been able to use team viewer to connect to the computer at work drag the missing files into dropbox and have them to use on site. Phew!

http://www.teamviewer.com Allows you to remotely connect to your PC/Mac at home from work and possibly vice versa depending on the firewalls you sit behind. Use it for grabbing the file you forgot you left at home. Also come with versions for iPad/Phone and Android

Make Cool Stuff To Wow Your Class With


You have big stack of pictures from your recent school trip that you want to wow everyone with in assembly.
That’s where Animoto comes in http://www.animoto.com Upload your images, choose a funky visual theme and a soundtrack click create and you have a really amazing video slideshow.

They do free education upgrades to the full version that allows you to make presentations of unlimited length that you can download. You have to prove that you are a teacher but that shouldn’t be a problem right?

I love this for making Teep prepare for learning stuff. If you have to spread your topic over a couple of lessons and you want a visual hook to remind your students what they did in lesson one. Take digital pictures and make a prezi. Play it at the start of lesson two and it will all come flooding back to them. Tick the box for accelerated learning :o)


Ok so I joked about your student’s love of Powerpoint. You have to admit that in a typical student’s day there is likely to be a lot of it. If you want ot be the teacher that stands out, Why not do something a bit different to grab their attention by using Prezi.

If powerpoint was a series of small bits of paper that you filck through view Prezi as a giant sheet of paper that you zoom around using a pre-prepared route. http://prezi.com Is a real alternative to powerpont for creating engaging presentations. Especially good if you want your students to explore large images or go with you on a journey around a topic. You will love it if you are one of those random thinkers that likes to go on a bit of a creative journey when you plan learning for your students. It now has a free account for education that lets your students collaborate on a single presentation and an iPad app for viewing them. Students love being able to contribute to a shared presentation and decide what route they are going to take the audience through. Can be a bit of a challenge to learn how it works but well worth the effort.


The rich media presentation tool

Tell your story anyway you like. Add photos, music, video, and audio, and share it publicly or privately in an instant. http://www.empressr.com


Love powerpoint as we all do. Our students can’t get enough of it 😉 Be inspried by the one’s on offer at

http://www.slideshare.net You can check out presentations on a huge range of topics or share your own.


Want to do something a bit different with your presentations? Slide rocket allows you to create presentations using collaborative features. I’m having a bit of a play with the free version and was delighted to see that you can bring in your existing powerpoints so that you can give them a bit of zing and share them online via a variety of different platforms. I really like the range of effects you can apply to your objects including my current favourite curly paper drop shadow.

Make your own TV Channel


Great live video streaming app – Not for you pay as you go folks though unless you want to eat all of your data allowance in minutes.

http://www.qik.com Allows you to stream live TV from your phone to a website.

Could you broadcast live from your educational visit? So long as you have a solid 3G connection you could do just that.


http://www.livestream.com allows you to run your own streaming TV channel. What’s really cool is that you can link it with Qik too. In order to qualify for a channel you do have to be broadcasting daily but hey, with all the cool stuff you have going on in school that’s going to be a breeze.

Useful for generating discussion

http://www.wordle.net  Generates a word cloud from text that you provide. Try feeding your school policy documents in and find out which words appear the most. That should give you a prettu good idea of what your priorites are. Words that occur more frequently in your document appear larger. Its an absolute hoot to feed government publications into it. Ithe one on the left is from this page. Apparently my favourite words spell “Students really use free stuff”

If Wordle is old hat for you now try Tagxedo  http://www.tagxedo.com/

Running a blog for the class

WordPress – A really well established blogging tool with loads of great features. This is built in WordPress :o)

Lots of really great tools are available to update your blog form mobile devices too. Check out the free WordPress app and my new favourite paid for blogging app Blogsy 


http://www.typepad.com create your own microblog in seconds and add to it from just about anywhere

The tools you cannot live without 

Video Lan VLC

I hate it when you have a video that refuses to play because you don’t have the right codec. That’s never a problem with VLC as it will play just about any vidoes you throw at it. http://www.videolan.org add the friendly little road cone to your collection of software and you will never regret it.


Image Editing

Photoshop Express Online

http://www.photoshop.com/tools/expresseditor?wf=editor 2GB of online photo storage and the ability to edit your pictures online. Now with smartphone apps that allow you to upload your images directly from your phone’s camera. Photoshops Exposure tool can do a lot to rescue dark images and they have included it here.

Pixlr, GimpShop & Avairy

You want photoshop but you can’t afford it. A common problem as it is Pro software for a professional price.

There are a few alternatives available for free. One I particulalalry like is Pixlr as you don’t need to install anything on your machine to get it to work. It just opens right in the browser. http://www.pixlr.com like photoshop but in your web browser and free

If you want more than just photo editing Aviary is worth a look http://advanced.aviary.com/ there are a suite of tools ranging for the standard image editing tools to audio and music creation.

If you wan’t something that is a little less dependent on having an internet connection you could check out gimpshop too http://gimpshop.com/ its about as Photoshoppy as you can get without buying Photoshop.

Big Huge Labs

If you like general fiddling with images and to turn them into stuff like jigsaws and my personal favourite – motivational posters visit  http://bighugelabs.com/

If you need noises and tunes to spice up your presentations

If you need the sound of a croaking frog. You need http://www.findsounds.com is superb for finding random sound effects

Or if you need a piece of royalty free music to use in videos and podcastd http://www.freeplaymusic.com  I love the fact that you can search by style, genre and length.

If you need to play well known music

http://www.grooveshark.com search music and play it from the web – no downloading or illegal stuff. Tends to be blocked by firewalls as a class of kids using it can bring the web connection to its kneees.



http://www.spotify.com Alternative that requires an install but is a really great resource for appropriate. music for lesson starters and accelerated learning using music. May present the same firewall problems as grooveshark for some of you and you have to listen to an advert every few songs unless you pay. I pay for the service and find it really useful especially when looking for music to match the theme of my lessons or working out tunes to play with my band.

 If you really wish that your students would reference sources correctly

http://www.teachervision.fen.com/internet/printable/6396.html – Information on how to cite Internet sources correctly.
Well worth bringing this up with your students then you can really shout when you read that thinly disguised Wikipedia entry for the tenth time.

Classroom management & Student Motivation

Class Dojo

Online tool to improve student behaviour. You input your class and use the tool to track student performance and behaviour. Each child in the class has an avatar and you can award points for positive contribution and good behaviour. Your smartphone can be used as a class remote control for awarding points to students if you see them doing great stuff around school. http://www.classdojo.com/




 A student response system that can use any internet connected device to interact with the lesson.

Its incredibly easy to use. You set up a teacher account and login Teachers  login at t.socrative.com by entering your email and password.

Students login at m.socrative.com by entering the “virtual room number” provided by the teacher. Students will then see “Waiting for teacher to start an activity…”.

Teachers initiate an activity by selecting it on their main screen (e.g. Multiple Choice, T/F, Quick Quiz, Exit Ticket)

Students use their own devices to respond and students’ results are visible on the Teacher’s screen or sent in an email.


http://quizlet.com/ Make online flashcards to use in your reviews and play games with t

Love Skydrive? – Act fast or lose space

If you follow me you will know I’m a great fan of cloud storage services like Dropbox and Skydrive. It’s great being able to access and work on your files anywhere you can get on the web, collborating on stuff or for sharing files that are just way too big to mail.

Skydrive has always been great for the amount of storage (25GB) but not so good for individual filesize limits. Dropbox is great for its seamless syncing but poor for storage – it’s a huge leap from your free 2GB to the first level of paid storage and your 2gb fills up fast (although you can get extra by installing the beta from the forums and uploading some pictures. You get 500MB for getting your friends on board too.)

Skydrive is changing to a more Dropbox style syncing system with lots of great new features and with a new Dropbox busting storage level of 7GB. All well and good but if you were used to the massive 25GB you used to get that’s a bit of a backward step.

The good news is if you log in to your Skydrive sharpish and upgrade to the new version Microsoft will give you all the new features plus the 25GB of file storage hugeness you were used to.
Who said Santa Claus wasn’t real?

Expect a response from Dropbox soon – even more storage please!!!

Let the cloud storage battle commence.

Anti-Bullying Conference 2012


I was invited back to the Sunderland Anti-Bullying conference to deliver a workshop and a keynote. My topic was “Has bullying gone viral?” if you want to check out my presentation you can view it here.

I look at how anonymity and the easily accessible nature of online services mean that the speed at which hate can spread online is the new tool at the cyber bully’s disposal.

Coming soon a copy of my workshop presentation, a complete set of links to useful sites and the continuum activity.


Great new site to grab stuff from YouTube

Ok so I have always been a fan of keepvid. Tried to use it today and it well and truly crashed my browser forcing me to look around for something else. I’m so glad I did because I found TubeGrip. Find it at tubegrip.com or better still add the word ‘get’ in front of the YouTube sharing URL for any video you find and you will be directed to the site with download links. I’m really loving the fact that it doesn’t appear to need to install Java like Keepvid did and you can even grab just the audio as an mp3.

Try it – I think it’s ace.

Also while searching for a nice tick and cross graphic for my post image I came across http://www.clker.com it looks like a great royalty free clip-art site and has the ability to convert your own bitmaps into vectors. Maybe I’ll have a play later and let you have a full review.